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Snowmobile Un-stuck Accessory Tow Rope & Strap Kit!

Snowmobile Tow Rope & Strap Un-Stuck Accessory Kit

Snowmobile Accessory Kit to Get your Snowmobile unstuck with Tow Rop and Straps
Reg Price: $34.99    Sale Price: $29.99


Backcountry Snowmobiling

Get your loved a Snowmobile Accessory Kit so that you can feel safe knowing they're safe while they're riding in the snowy wilderness! has snowmobile accessory kits from survival kits to "getting un-stuck" kits. Try not to get stuck and stranded in the wilderness, but if you do, then be prepared!

Our survival kits are packed with survival gear to keep your loved one safe while snowmobiling.

Biff's Snowmobile EasyOut Kit Contents

2 - EasyOut Pull Straps

1 - 20 ft. Tow Strap

1 - Nylon Mesh Storage Bag

1 - Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

How to Get your Snowmobile Unstuck
Fits In Your Pocket!   A MUST Have for Snowmobilers!

Snowmobiling Tow Rope & Straps for when your snowmobile gets stuck

Introducing “Biff’s EasyOut”, an effective compact hand held snowmobile extraction tool that really works. So effective, snowmobilers are amazed. Fits In Your Pocket!
  • Significantly reduces digging
  • Eliminates back strain!
  • Fits any sled bumper or ski
  • So compact, it fits in your pocket!
  • Custom tooled hook
  • Ergo Grip Handle
  • Proven and tested!
  • 2700 lbs pull strength
Also works for your ATV's!

ATV tow rope and straps


• Jeff Hausknecht, Colgate, WI – 12/3/07 - I was skeptical on the quality but it is what they say. Simple easy to use, fits into the back of my sled for storage.

• Dave Johnston, Libertyville, IL – 12/20/07 – Having the second pull strap really makes a difference. It works well. I am 61 and this has made me feel more comfortable going off trail. Very effective!

• Bill Blassey, St John, MI, 1/03/08 – Last year I lost a belt and had no spare, was towed 20 miles, the tow strap work great, worth the price for the tow strap alone.

• Kristy Gilding, Bend, OR, 3/15/08 – Got my EasyOut’s as a gift, they work. Now riding with kids isn’t a pain when they get stuck.

• Jason Smith, Steamboat Springs, CO, 2/10/08 – I use to haul around something similar called the Snow Bungie, it was way too bulky. The EasyOut was way cheaper, smaller, plus toss in the tow strap and it worked just as go

Snowmobile Tow Ropes & Straps for getting unstuck while snowmobiling   Stuck snowmobile gets unstuck with 2 EasyOut Straps

Snowmobiling tow rope and straps for getting your snowmobile unstuck when its stuck in the snow