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Snowmobile Survival First Aid Emergency Kit!

Reg Price: $139.99   Sale Price: $119.99

The Winter Weather Survival Kit is great for winter recreational activities. It's ideal for backcountry snowshowing, snowmobiling, snowbarding, and cross country skiing. Stay warm, dry, and survive!

Winter Weather Survival Kit Contents

Organization Backpack 1
LED Headlamp 1
Rubber Flashlight - D Batt's 1 8 Hour Lightstick 2
Waterproof/Windproof Matches 2
Utility Candles (pack of 5)
Firestarts 1
Weather Protection
  Body Warmer 4
  Emergency Sleepign Bag 1
  Emergency Rain Poncho 1
  Emergency Tent-Silver 1
3600 Calorie Food Bar 1
Folding Stove (with 8 Fuel Tablets)
8 Extra Fuel Tablets for Stove
Stainless Steel Sierra Cup
Multi-tool Knife 1
50 ft Rope 1
43 pc First Aid Kit 1
Folding Shovel w/Pick 1
Folding Saw 1

Upgrade to the Snowmobile Survival Deluxe Kit for only $50 more (a $75 Value)

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5 in 1 Survival Whistle 1: shrill signal whistle, signal mirror, compass, waterproof match container, flint, attached lanyard, small enough to fit easily in your pocket

Snowmobiling tow rope and straps for getting your snowmobile unstuck when its stuck in the snow